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newsletter of the International Commission of Slavic Folklore at the International Committee of Slavists. It is usually published once a year. The executive editorial office has been working at the Ján Stanislav Institute of Slavic Studies of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, v.v.i., since 2000, where editorial preparation of texts is underway.

Slavistická folklosristika has been published since 1988 as an information medium for members of the International Commission of Slavic Folklore at the International Committee of Slavists and for the wider scientific community in the field of Slavic folklore. The aim of publishing the bulletin is to provide information about the work of the International Commission of Slavic Folklore at the International Committee of Slavists to all Slavist-oriented folklorists. Thanks to contributors from various Slavic and non-Slavic countries, it is possible to fulfil this intention. Papers are published in all languages. Since 2021, it has only been published in electronic form.

Slavistická folklosristika has had a stable structure since the beginning of publishing. Each issue contains editorial sections, information and literature and staff. The editorial reflects the current problems of Slavic folklore research, the state and perspectives of further research. Particular attention is paid to up-to-date information on the preparations and progress of the International Slavic Congresses and reports on the commission’s activities. Updated lists of commission members with contact details are also regularly published on the bulletin’s website. The section Information and Literature bring reports on scientific events, conferences, essential projects, and publications – monographs, proceedings and periodicals, which fall into the current period. In the Personnel section, we commemorate the anniversaries of important researchers in the field of Slavic folklore.
The bulletin always contains information for the past calendar year or the period since the last issue was issued. Receipt of new contributions is subject to the editorial deadline, always by 31 March.

The data on the bulletin page will be updated by the end of June.

Editorial board:
Hana Hlôšková (Slovensko), Sofja Anatoljevna Mjasnikova (Rusko),
Irina Ohijenko (Ukrajina), Jana Pospíšilová (Česko),
Tatiana Volodina (Bielorusko),
Katarína Žeňuchová (Slovensko)

Executive Board:
Katarína Žeňuchová

Hana Hlôšková

Technical editor:
Martin Žeňuch

usually once a year

Data update deadline:
June 30th

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