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Library of Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics SAS

Library of Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics preserves and enables primary and secondary documents in research area of Slavic languages – Slavistics and its border disciplines. The core collection consists of books from the exhibition organized during the eleventh international congress which took place in 1993 in Bratislava.

The library also consists of other Slovak and foreign monographies, dictionaries, magazines and one-off and periodic miscellanies that are thematically linked to research of Slavic languages and their relations, literature, history, ethnology, culturology and art history. Library collection also contains retrospective and contemporary bibliographies and book catalogues focused on the area of Slavistics. An important part of the library is a collection of 90 titles specially registered periodicals, many of which are unique in Slovakia, therefore the library also provides information about them for collective catalogue of periodicals in SR.

Considerable part of the library of the Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics is a part of the library collection of Professor Eugen Pauliny which includes about 1500 titles of monographies, miscellanies, journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries and textbooks focused on linguistics, Slavistics and related disciplines. Part of this collection are also E. Pauliny´s manuscripts and notes. Library documents of professor Eugen Pauliny are separately recorded in the namespace card catalogue.

In 2008, an eminent Slovak historian Milan S. Ďurica, who worked at the University of Padova and who was also co-founder and Secretary-General of the Centre of Slovak Catholic intellectuals, member of Praesidium and later Chairman of the Slovak Institute in Rome and editor of yearbook Slovak Studies, donated the great Slavist professor Arturo Cornia´s collection of about 300 volumes of books to Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics. Arturo Cronia worked at the University of Padova, where he led the Institute of Slavic Philologies. At the same time, he worked as a contract professor at the Masaryk University in Brno, a full member of Società Dalmata di Storia Patria and also as a corresponding member of Istituto per l’ Europa Orientale.

Part of the library of Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics SAS is also library collection of Herbert Galton (about 250 volumes). Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics managed to obtain this collection by Viera Gašparíková in 2008. Herbert Galton was significant Slavist and Indoeuropeist of Polish origin, who worked at the University of Kansas (USA) and he lived in Vienna at the end of his life.

Library documents of the Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics are recorded in the namespace and systematic card catalogue. Book descriptions are also registered in the electronic form.

Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics allows a study of all the books and journals which are situated in library funds and for presence in the study room.

It also provides copies of the studies of journals and miscellanies on request.

Part of the book stock is located in the common electronic catalogue of libraries of Institutes SAS.