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Slovak Committee of Slavists

Slovak Committee of Slavists consists of representatives of social science disciplines such as linguistics, literary science, ethnology and history.

The main task of the Slovak Committee of Slavists (SCS) is to coordinate the Slovak Slavistic research, organize national and international conferences, symposia and conventions, organize lectures, scientific and science popularization activities. The Slovak Committee of Slavists has signed a cooperation agreement with the Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics of SAS, therefore it becomes a place where all activities and agenda of SCS are performed.

Activities of SCS are based on the actual needs of Slavistics creating conditions for active functioning of Slovak Slavistics in Slovakia and in international context. Considerable is a cooperation with the International Committee of Slavists (ICS) composed of representatives of singular national committees and slavistic organizations. Particularly important is the function of international commissions that work at the International Committee of Slavists. Slovak Slavistics is represented by four chairmen of committees and one vice-chairman.

Activities of the Slovak Committee of Slavists also focus on cooperation with other national committees in the Slavic or non-Slavic milieu. Particularly, we cooperate on preparation of scheduled international Slavistic conventions. Slovak Committee of Slavists regularly prepares and publishes miscellanies and overviews of publications of Slovak Slavists which are dedicated to particular international Slavistic conventions. SCS has also published miscellany of papers which have been presented during discussions on the XI. International Convention of Slavists (Záznamy z diskusie k predneseným referátom. XI. medzinárodný zjazd slavistov Bratislava 30. augusta – 8. septembra 1993).

Slovak Committee of Slavists participates in publishing the scientific journal Slavica Slovaca and a newsletter of the International Commission of Slavic folklore at the International Committee of Slavists Slavistická folkloristika.

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