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International Bilateral Projects

Current Bilateral Projects

Spiritual values and traditional culture
Linguistic image of legal and cultural thinking in texts of older Slovak and Bulgarian literature

Completed Bilateral Projects

Language and Culture Under the Carpathian Mountains from the Point of View of Slovak-Czech researches
Bulgarian-Slovak Interlingual Homonymy in the Context of Slavic Languages
Polish-Slovak-Bulgarian Lexical Confrontations
The Bulgarian-Slovak Dictionary Volume III
Bulgarian-Slovak Dictionary (Volume II)
Cyrillo-Methodian Heritage in the Czech and Slovak Cultural Milieu
Cyrillo-Methodian Cultural Heritage and National Identity of Bulgarians and Slovaks II
Cyrillo-Methodian Message and National Identity of Bulgarians and Slovaks
Narrative Everyday Life in Historical, Ethnological, and Linguistic Perspective
Slovak-Ukrainian Language, Cultural, and Ethnic-Confessional Relations
Feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius (Bulgarian-Slovak Parallels)