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Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences with its subject field fills a notable gap in one area of a basic research that focuses on basic research of Slovak language and culture in relation to other Slavic languages and cultures as well as a study of Slovak-Latin, Slovak-Church Slavic, Slovak-Hungarian and Slovak-German relations of the earliest period; and also other Slavic languages and cultures. Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics of Slovak Academy of Sciences is an interdisciplinary research centre that is dedicated not only to linguistic research, but also participates in historical, ethnographic, art sciences and culturological research. Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences also serves as a coordination centre of Slavic studies in Slovakia; this function results from its cooperation with Slovak Committee of Slavists. This cooperation also results in organizing regular international conventions of Slavists and other international and national interdisciplinary scientific events. The Institute provides an organization of domestic and international Slavistic research in cooperation with domestic and foreign Slavistic research institutions. With coordination of Slavistic research in Slovakia it cooperates mainly with Slovak Committee of Slavists, publishes an interdisciplinary Slavistic journal Slavica Slovaca which is registered in several international databases (SCOPUS, CEJSH, DOAJ, C.E.E.O.L., ERIH PLUS, MLA, CARHUS Plus+ 2014, CIRC, SJR, ProQuest, EBSCO). Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics of SAS supplies an editorial preparation and issue of the international scientific series Monumenta Byzantino-Slavica et Latina Slovaciae and also collaborates on an issue of a bulletin Slavistická folkloristika, an information periodical of the International Commission of Slavic folklore at the International Committee of Slavists. Slavistic Cabinet of SAS by resolution of the Presidium of the Slovak Academy of Sciences from December 16, 2004 with the effect from January 1, 2005 was renamed to Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics. That name pays honours and reverence to the person and work of significant Slovak Slavist Ján Stanislav (1904 – 1977). Our research teams within projects of Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics of SAS as well as the other coworkers from scientific institutes and universities home and abroad are dedicated to a comprehensive interdisciplinary research that help to clarify insufficiently researched or not researched area of Slovak cultural and social development; especially research in the field of Slovak cultural-historical and religious area in the interaction of national and European values, an interdisciplinary and confrontational research of language, folk literature, material culture and history of settlement in Slovak-Polish, Slovak-Ruthenian-Ukrainian, Slovak-South Slavic and Slovak-German contact areas.

The emblem of Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics is the gold book, out of which the blue double cross grows on the white (silver, transparent) background.

Organizational Structure of the Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics SAS.