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The Second Congress of Slovak Slavists – Ján Stanislav and Slovak Slavistics

Congress Place: Bratislava
Date of Conference: November 4 – 6, 2015
Responsible Person: Ján Doruľa
Organizers: Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics of Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Committee of Slavists, Centre of Excellence SAS SlovSlav

An interdisciplinary scientific conference about work of Ján Stanislav will be held on according to the Centre of Excellence SAS schedule tasks The History of Slovak Slavistics in 19th – 20th Centuries (SlovSlav). Conference will be part of discussions during the Second Congress of Slovak Slavists. Participants will commemorate the anniversary of Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics SAS as well as the 50th anniversary of Slavistic journal Slavica Slovaca. Subject fields of conference are closely related to mentioned anniversaries as well as the work of Ján Stanislav and its ideological reference.

Program of the Congress in PDF