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doc. PaedDr. ThDr. Šimon Marinčák, PhD. (1971)



His research focuses on the Byzantine liturgical and wider sacral, confessional, cultural, and religious tradition in the Slavonic milieu and the overlaps of this tradition in a non-Slavonic context. Šimon Marinčák explores forms of the medieval liturgical formulary and the liturgical development in the Slavonic milieu from the 9th century until the modernization of formulary redaction at the beginning of the 20th century. His research efforts are carried out mainly in the field of diachronic views on the history of the Byzantine liturgy and musical-liturgical (sacral) tradition, also with regard to older and newer written sources. Within his research into the Byzantine liturgical tradition, he deals with the development of its forms since the early Christian liturgy and its semantic level. In the context of exploring Byzantine musical tradition, he also focuses on the research of musical and cultural sources and monuments, including their textual construction from the early centuries to the latest editions of musical-liturgical sources in the 19th and 20th centuries.